A man is wrongfully imprisoned after a strange series of livestock killings in the Rocky Mountains. He is placed behind bars without warning, giving him little time to defend his family from the hellish onslaught that begins soon after his imprisonment. He is eventually released from prison, winding up in the mysterious town of Pinevale.

WEEPING OF THE CAVERNS was the first official novel written by William Becker. When the writing process had begun, he was just 14, with only a short story and several dozen poems under his belt. Knowing nothing about the publishing business, he committed himself to write and edit the novel completely by himself. It was during this time that he wrote THE WHITE SHADE, which eventually was published alongside his second novel, GREY SKIES. Just a month after his 15th birthday, the novel was released with almost no promotion through Lulu Press, Inc, before later being edited more intensely in 2016.

The novel was based on a hundred-page short story called THE WATCHING that Becker had stuffed together when he was just 12 years old and writing under a pseudonym. Like WEEPING OF THE CAVERNS, this short story focused on Pinevale, a crossed-out circle, and a strange cult in the rocky mountains. The short story was available for purchase for a time, but soon went out of print and is now considered a "rarity."

Trigger warnings: violence, sexual content, self-harm, language, animal cruelty.