Enter the horrifying world of “The Vampire of Köln” by William Becker, the acclaimed author of “Grey Skies,” “New York Onions,” and “Weeping of the Caverns.” Set in the rubble of World War II Cologne, Germany, this bone-chilling tale follows the American First Army as they uncover an ancient evil lurking in the shadows. Each chapter introduces a new character falling prey to the creature’s insatiable thirst, their gruesome deaths described in vivid, stomach-churning detail. From a young boy to a hardened soldier, no one is safe from the vampire’s grasp. As the body count rises, the survivors must band together and find a way to defeat the monster before it’s too late. But as the vampire’s power grows stronger with each kill, they realize they may be facing an evil beyond their wildest nightmares. “The Vampire of Köln” is a heart-stopping journey into darkness, a must-read for horror and suspense fans craving a tale that will leave them sleepless at night.