William Becker is an author of transgressive, provocative, and dark novels with roots in the horror genre. He has been writing horror stories since he was 12, with his first book, “Weeping of The Caverns” published just a month after he turned 15. His work is frequently influenced by the universe of Silent Hill, the surrealism of David Lynch, and most importantly, subverting expectations.

While still a figure in the indie-author underground, his accolades are numerous, from “New York Onions” being published twice in Atlantis Creative Magazine and featured by Wattpad, to the film adaptation of “For We Are Many” playing in festivals across the globe, to “The Egg” being prominently featured on the Written In Red Podcast.

After his second full length, Grey Skies, was released in 2019, he became a staff writer for the Seahawk, the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where he won the “outstanding rookie” award in 2020. What followed during the Covid-19 pandemic were a series of free short stories on his website, including the “romance” with elements of social-critique in the form of “Seventh Circle,” the surreal-body-horror of “The Egg,” the brutal take on suicide of “For We Are Many” and the realities of heroin addiction in “The Soil of God.”

2022 and 2023 saw the film production of “For We Are Many,” a productive internship at NBC WECT-6, as well as the release of his third and fourth novels, “The Vampire of Köln” and “By The Ocean.”

William currently lives in Boone, North Carolina with his family and his daughter, Valentina, whose favorite show alternates between “Paw Patrol” and “Rubble & Crew.” He works in marketing for a newspaper that has been publishing without interruption since 1888.